International Study Programs

DHBW Loerrach offers three study programs that are geared towards international students: International Business, International Business Management trinational, Mechatronics trinational and Regio Informatica.

To meet the needs of partner companies for an increasing number of internationally educated and experienced employees, DHBW Loerrach offers an undergraduate study program in International Business which is entirely taught in English. Comprising a total of six semesters, a period of at least one Semester spent abroad is compulsory. The study program is aimed at international and German students with a good command of the English language.

As for its privileged site in the heart of the tri-border area of Germany, Switzerland and France, the so-called Dreilaendereck, the DHBW Loerrach offers two undergraduate trinational study programs in close cooperation with two universities in France and Switzerland (Université de Haute Alsace, France; University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland).

DHBW Loerrach also offers the binational study program “Regio Informatica” in close cooperation with the Université de Haute-Alsace in Mulhouse. Students are studying computer science and meeting different cultures. They are completing their studies with two internationally recognized university degrees: a Bachelor of Science degree from Germany and the “Licence” from France.