International Business Management Trinational

Changing competition

International trade and globalization have led to significant changes in competitive behavior in commodity markets, financial markets and labor markets. This development has been accompanied by an ongoing change of global communications among the players in these markets.  
Whoever strives to act, to make decisions and to lead in organizations that are becoming more and more globally oriented, must not only possess sound professional expertise, but also be able to communicate successfully in a global environment.
Both large corporations and SMEs in the manufacturing and service sectors therefore increasingly are in need of employees with practical experience, who are at the same time internationally oriented. This includes having profound background information about other peoples and organizations, other countries and cultures.

Management and Intercultural Competence

In the tri-national program of International Business Management knowledge of topics in business and economics, as well as intercultural competence are imparted. The program is therefore conceived as a cross-border study program. The partner universities in this endeavor are the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Lörrach - DHBW (Germany), the Université de Haute Alsace – UHA in Colmar (France) and the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz – FHNW in Basel (Switzerland). The study program conveys the capabilities and the qualifications necessary to perform successfully in a European or broader international context. Thus, the partner universities foster the intercultural competence of students through joint work and study beyond borders.

Language and Social Skills

Graduates of International Business Management (Tri-national) have a decisive advantage. They are able to work in globally-oriented enterprises and organizations, as well as on an internationally diverse team. In addition to excellent language skills in German, English and French, students acquire both professional and methodical competence in Business Administration. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to gain intercultural competence and other soft skills that are indispensable for professional success. Upon graduation they are capable of assuming a leadership function in an international company. They either take on positions of responsibility in their various enterprises or even become entrepreneurs themselves, founding their own companies. In addition, some students choose to work as free-lance consultants.


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The study program, International Business Management (Tri-national), is a member of the German-French University (DFU). It is their goal to strengthen the collaboration between German and French universities. One of the primary tasks of the German-French University is to initiate, coordinate and finance study programs among German and French universities. Students from Tri-national IBM profit in particular from a mobility allowance. This is financial support that students are eligible for during their respective phases abroad. This is another reason to make a decision for studying in the International Business Management (Tri-national) program.