A-Z Information

If you are new to Loerrach or want to do learn about the area before you arrive, this is the place to do it!


Below you can find all of the important information that you should know when planning your time here. All of this information and more can be found in our Guide for Incoming Students and is available for you to download and print. If you have any questions about the area or DHBW that haven't been answered on this page or within our guide then please contact our International Office (internationalofficedhbw-loerrach.de).


Currently, student accommodation is not provided at the DHBW Loerrach. Therefore, students are required to search for an apartment to rent within Loerrach. Fully furnished apartments in Loerrach have an average monthly rent of €350. It is crucial that you begin looking for an apartment early on as they are in high demand in Loerrach. Please see the website www.hc24.de/en that is in English and search for the city “Lörrach”. 


If you require any help or guidance with this then please contact Ms. Charlotte Leysner at InternationalOfficedhbw-loerrach.de and she will be able to provide you with a list of potential landlords.

Baden Wuerttemberg


Baden-Wuerttemburg, the province that Loerrach is located in, is one of Europe’s leading technological regions with its unbroken tradition of carrying out innovation and creativity. Impressive brands such as Porsche and Mercedes-Benz have headquarters and museums based in the region. The capital, Stuttgart, is home to one of the largest zoos and botanical gardens in Europe. Stuttgart is a popular destination for our students due to its nearby location and entertainment possibilities.


On top of this, the people of Baden Wuerttemburg have an outstanding quality of life. People feel at home, enjoying the benefits of a rich landscape full of natural beauty as well as the community’s outstanding environmental values and a lively international arts and culture scene.

With its 11 million in-habitants, Baden-Württemberg is the third largest of the 16 German federal states. Just under 1.2 million residents are of non-German origin, of which the majority are Turkish, Greek and Italian. Baden-Württemberg also enjoys one the lowest unemployment figures of any German federal state making it a perfect location for students beginning their careers. 


Having a bank account in Loerrach is something that will make your stay here a lot easier. Some smaller shops and restaurants do not accept credit cards and therefore having an account that you can easily withdraw money from will be very useful. Moreover, bank accounts for students under 25 are usually free if you take your student card along with you when you open the account.


Lots of students have an account with Deutsche Bank as they are more internationally friendly, they are based near the centre of Loerrach and their ATMs can be found all over Europe. Most banks are open between Monday and Friday, 09:15am until 12:30pm and 2:00pm until 5:00pm.



Basel is Loerrach’s closest large city, home to beautiful cathedrals and history as well as the stunning Rhine River, Basel is an amazing cultural hub that is a must see!


Find more information here: Basel



This Capital city has an endless list of attractions that make it one of the top cities to see in Germany. This vibrant and edgy city is the setting of many famous films such as The Bourne Supremacy. 


Find more information here: Berlin

Black Forest, The


The mountainous Black Forest is famous for its dark evergreen forests surrounding small picturesque villages. The Black Forest offers a range of outdoor activities such as skiing, sledging, hiking, biking and even sailing on Lake Titisee. 


Find more information here: The Black Forest 

Emergency/Useful Numbers

Emergency Numbers

Police/Ambulance department: 110

Fire department: 112


DHBW Useful Numbers - International Office

Charlotte Stoelmann Leysner: +49 7621 2071 195

Tanja Ische: +49 7621 2071 123

Britta Goertz M.A.: +49 7621 2071 196


Germany has produced some world famous scientists, musicians, actors and figureheads such as Albert Einstein, Beethoven, Bruce Willis and Pope Benedict. Germany celebrates the 16 day folk festival of Oktoberfest each year in Munich, Bavaria, Germany - which is a combination of a beer festival and a travelling funfair! Loerrach as well as many other smaller towns and cities has their own version of Oktoberfest where people enjoy music, dance and the traditional German beer all while wearing the famous lederhosen or dirndel! Not forgetting Germany’s colourful and cultural Christmas Markets that can be found throughout the country including trinkets, food and drink and prefect gifts to take home.


Find more information here: Germany

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Health insurance coverage is mandatory for all students in Germany. Public health insurance costs around 80 euros per month. DHBW Loerrach requires you to provide a health insurance certificate; this should be done within your first 2 weeks of living in Germany. Please make sure that you have travel insurance for your journey here. The international office is more than happy to help you with local insurance.  For all European student, the EHIC card is acceptable.


Personal Liability and Travel Insurance

We recommend that in addition to health insurance, personal liability insurance as well as travel insurance should be acquired. 

Holiday Dates in Germany

German holidays often mean that most or even all stores are closed. This includes not only retail stores but also super markets and drug stores, so make sure that you have enough food in your house the day before a German holiday! Below you can see some German holidays; you will need to look these holidays up online to find out their exact date as this can vary from year to year. 


New Years1st January
Epiphany6th January
Good FridayDepends
Easter Monday   Depends
Labour Day1st May
Whit MondayDepends
Corpus Christi 26th May
Day of German Unity3rd October
All Saints’ Day1st November
Christmas 24th - 26th December

International Office

The International Office is your service point and support station regarding almost all questions concerning your stay in Germany at the DHBW Loerrach. The International Office is based on the KBC campus in room K104 and is accessible between the hours of 8:30am and 12 noon Monday to Friday. If an appointment needs to be made outside of these hours then please contact the International Office.


Contact Us

Email: InternationalOffice@dhbw-loerrach.de


Staff Members:

Tanja Ische (Outgoing students and scholarships)

Britta Goertz (Head International Office)

Charlotte Leysner (Incomings students and scholarships)

Living Costs

The living costs in Loerrach are estimated to be between 750 - 800 euros per month. These costs include housing, bills, food, social activities and travel. Rent is usually between 350 - 400 euros per month including bills. Shopping in Loerrach tends to be more expensive as we are located so close to Switzerland. 


Loerrach has several different supermarkets ranging in price range so you will be able to save money and budget if you wish to do so. There are other ways that you budget as well, such as, if you want to have a meal out at a restaurant, eat in Germany and not Switzerland and pick restaurants just outside of the city centre etc.



Loerrach is a small city based in South Germany bordering Switzerland and France making it a widely international region. Loerrach has many attractions including the 11th Century ruins of Rotteln Castle located on a hilltop overlooking Loerrach and the Wiese valley. Parkschwimmbad, a huge outdoor swim area, is another large attraction of Loerrach’s, with a wave machine, water slides, diving platforms and an exercise pool, it’s great on a sunny day with friends. As well as this Loerrach also has an impressive concert hall, the Burghof, the picturesque river Wiese and many large businesses such as the Milka Chocolate Factory.


Each year in June and July Loerrach hosts the “Stimmen” festival a celebration of voices through song that can be heard throughout the city. As well as this the fun park, Europa Park, is located just a 1 hour drive away from Loerrach in Rust. You can also reach Europa Park via public transport that takes around 2hr 30 mins. Europa Park is a huge attraction in Germany as it is the largest theme park in Germany and the second most popular in Europe, only coming behind Disneyland Paris!  



Milan is one of the world’s most famous cities known for its fashion and design, from architecture to the runway as well as its stunning Opera and fascinating Roman history. Visit the world’s largest gothic cathedral, the Duomo Di Milano that stands at an impressive 107m high offering a spectacular view of the city from an open walkway along the rooftop. 


Find more information here: Milan

Registering in Loerrach

Once you have arrived in Loerrach you must go to the City Hall to register. You should take with you your passport and visa (if you have one). You will be given a residency form to fill out as well as a form for your rubbish/trash.


You must tell the City Hall every time you move to a new residency in Loerrach. As well as this it is crucial that you inform the City Hall when you will be leaving Germany to move somewhere else e.g. to your home country. The City Hall can be found close to the main train station (Hbf) and the Deutsche Post. 



DHBW Loerrach has signed ERASMUS+ agreements with several European universities. Please check with your ERASMUS coordinator at home to see if your home university is one of them. The application process for the ERASMUS+ scholarship is always coordinated by the sending university.


Baden-Wuerttemberg Scholarship

Students from our partner universities outside of Europe can apply for the Baden-Wuerttemberg Scholarship. For more information, please contact the International Office (InternationalOfficedhbw-loerrach.de)


Further scholarships

To see if you are eligible for a scholarship please visit the DAAD website (German Academic Exchange Service). https://www.daad.de/deutschland/stipendium/en/ 


Loerrach has 3 train stations: Hbf (the main station), Stetten and the Burghof making it very easy to travel to bigger cities such as Basel and Freiburg. It is important that you buy a ticket at the train station before you enter the train as if you are caught without a ticket on the train you will receive a large fine. All ticket machines can be changed from German to English so you shouldn’t have any problems. If you are unsure about how to buy a ticket, there will be people buying their own who can help you.

Tip: look for people around the age of 20 – 25 as they are more likely to speak English. 


Getting to Loerrach from the Airport

From Basel airport, you can take the number 50 bus to the SBB Basel Bahnhof (train station) and then from there you can easily catch a train to any of the 3 stations in Loerrach.

Travel Advice


It is always useful to carry some cash on you in case of emergencies as you might find that your credit card isn’t accepted in Germany. If you are carrying a large sum of cash always make sure to separate it. Put some of the cash in a safe zipped pocket inside a bag that you will keep with you and some inside a pocket under your coat. This way it is less likely that the money will be lost or stolen and if this does happen then you have the rest of your money safely kept in a separate place.



When flying, especially internationally, you should make sure that you arrive at the airport around 2 hours before you are due to take off. This way you have time to check your bags in and get through security even if it’s very busy. Try to check the weather forecast for your destination so that you can dress accordingly and be comfortable when you land.


Flying – Luggage

Always check the luggage allowance before flying for restrictions such as weight and size. This varies depending on the company you fly with and you may be charged extra for your luggage if you are not careful.

It is best to keep all of your valuables in a smaller bag that you can keep with you at all times. This bag should contain a spare change of clothes, a toothbrush, medication etc. just in case your luggage arrives a day or two late. As well as this, anything that could potentially get smashed or broken should also be packed in your carry on as the airline isn’t reasonable for breakages.

All of your bags should have a label on them with your name, address and phone number in case they get lost. If you are unsure of the address that you will be staying at in Germany then you may use the International Office details. If you do so, please inform the international office so that they can be prepared. You can find the International Office details on page 16.


Travel from the Airport

Always have a plan of how to get to your final destination from the airport. Public transport connections can be found easily online or taxis are available outside of most airports, however, these taxis are the most expensive. From Basel airport, you can take the number 50 bus to the SBB Basel Bahnhof (train station) and then from there you can easily catch a train to any of the 3 stations in Loerrach.



This beautiful city in Switzerland is less than 2 hours away from Loerrach! Visit the famous lake Zurich the stunning Limmat River running through this city full of culture. With art galleries, history museums, water sports, landmarks and the nightlife, there is never a dull moment in the largest city in Switzerland. 


Find more information here: Zurich

Further Information

If you wish to gain more information or to download and print the above information, you can find it all within our Incoming Student Guide. Please also feel free to get in touch with our International Office if you have any further questions or concerns. InternationalOfficedhbw-loerrach.de