Becoming a cooperative partner - Information for enterprises

Well-educated managers are more important than ever for enterprises involved in global competition. Analyses of age distribution in industry clearly indicate that there will be a growing need of young, well-trained employees in the near future. And it will become increasingly difficult to recruit them from external labor markets. The reason for this development lies in the demographic changes taking place in western industrial countries, the catch-word being, “aging population.”

This is why enterprises should be pro-active about recruiting qualified leaders for the future and to bond with them at an early stage in their careers. The concept of cooperative education has proven itself over the years. The DHBW (Cooperative State University Baden-Wuerttemberg) is the founder of this system, which enjoys increasing popularity and broad recognition in other industrial states.
With our Tri-national IBM study program you have a partner with whom you can win over highly motivated, culturally competent leaders for tomorrow with excellent language abilities.
Please contact us (here link to contact). We would be very pleased to arrange a visit with you at your enterprise to introduce the concept of the Cooperative University and our study program to you.