Entry qualifications

Students interested in the tri-national study program of International Business Management should have good active and passive knowledge of the languages French, German and English and great interest in improving them. It is understood that students are able to take part in a conversation in their foreign languages.

Mandatory graduation requirements


  • Abitur (general or subject-linked university qualification) + work-study contract with a training company
  • Fachhochschulreife (advanced technical certificate - university admission possible with submission of individual proof of particular qualification for studies at the DHBW)
  • Qualified professional without university entrance qualification (admission for studies at the DHBW [Cooperative State University] possible under certain conditions).


  • Baccalauréats géneraux et technologiques


  • Gymnasiale Maturitätszeugnis, Internationale Baccalaureat (IB), Fachmaturitätszeugnis

Commencement of studies

The studies for a bachelor’s degree begin in the 39th week (the last week in September) and last 3 or 31/2 years depending on the degree strived for.

Step by step, studies without borders

  1. Step: Find an enterprise as a cooperative partner
    In order to begin your cooperative studies you will need a cooperative training partner, with whom you can draw up a contract for the work-study program. This is your ticket to studying in the tri-national International Business Management program. You can gain a contract by contacting an enterprise on our list of cooperative partners. Or you can approach a company that has not yet become a cooperative partner.
    If you take the initiative and approach a company on your own, you have the opportunity to contact one you would like to work for yourself. Consider which branch you would like to work in and begin your internet search! It is often worthwhile to contact companies you are already familiar with and can imagine working for. Perhaps you have done a temporary work-placement with this company before?
  2. Step: Apply early
    If you apply at an enterprise for the work-study program, then you must convince the company of yourself and your intention to study at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (Cooperative State University Baden Wuerttemberg). To be successful, all the same rules apply that apply for any application for apprenticeship or training at a company. Remember: the company is investing in you and will finance your studies! That is why a professional and targeted application is a necessary basis for successful cooperation with your enterprise. Normally, companies award their contracts for the work-study program one year in advance. Apply in time!
  3. Step:Contact the Tri-national IBM office
    Once you have found an enterprise, please inform us. Should a company be undecided about recruiting, or not have prior experience with the cooperative work-study program, let us know. We would be pleased to support you and approach the company to clarify things and talk about further steps to be taken. Also contact us if you haven’t been able to find a training company. We will help you as far as possible to find one.