International Business - Kick Start Your International Career

International Business will prepare you for success in a globally competitive business environment. Culturally aware employees are in high demand in today’s business world and DHBW Loerrach can provide you with the necessary skills to flourish in a developing business world.

You will gain not only knowledge but an indispensable experience with this unique course, enabling you to have an academic background that potential employers are looking for. Over 3 years you will alternate between working and studying, enabling you to apply your knowledge to real life business situations.

You will be taught business theory in English, making you proficient in the world’s number one business language. Our lectures, seminars and workshops are held by international business experts. These experts share their business experiences in the classroom, linking business theory to the real life situations. This is done in a friendly environment as DHBW Loerrach uses the small group concept, making learning easier and more in-depth.

You will work at one of our partner companies and gain vital on-the-job experience while you complete your degree. Our partner-companies will pay you a monthly salary throughout your 3 years with us. This salary is designed to support your living expenses both while working and studying. You will also spend at least one semester abroad either working or studying, making your degree truly international and personal to you.

No matter which business sector you are interested in International Business gives detailed insight into all business areas, allowing you to determine which sector is right for you. 


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Partner Companies

List of partner companies

Internship contract (Official, German Version)

English version of internship contract -> please check under the title "Documents for Companies"

The English translation of the internship contract is only to provide a better understanding to those who don't speak German. Only the original German contract is legally binding and must be filled out and signed by both parties. The English translation is not legally valid, it is designed to provide information to non-German speakers.


Are You Searching For a Partner Company?

If you're searching for a partner company and are looking for guidance and support then please contact our International Business team at with your enquiry.