Loerrach a Lively Place

Loerrach has the perfect location for anyone interested in European culture and travelling. The city is right on the boarder of France and Switzerland making it a friendly multi-cultural location. Loerrach is just 10km away from Basel, a beautiful city in Switzerland full of rich cultural heritage.

Video by James Hanson

James Hanson is a Biological Science student at the University of Liverpool, England. James visited Loerrach in April 2016 with his family and travelled to Milan, Frankfurt, Zurich, Freiburg and Basel during his stay here. James really managed to capture the character of Loerrach while filming his time here which makes it a great introduction for anyone looking to move here or explore the area. 


"Filming and video editing has become a great passion of mine, especially while travelling. I really enjoyed my time in Loerrach and was amazed by how much the city has to offer, from a busy city centre to parks, rivers and even a castle. Everyone in the city was very friendly and wanted to get to know me and hear about my travels, I felt very welcomed and would love to go back and visit in the near future."

Excellent worldwide connections

With Basel airport close by Loerrach is connected to over 70 destinations scattered across Europe. High speed trains link Loerrach with major cities such as Paris, Milan, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. 

Exploring the Region

Loerrach is located the Markgräflerland, south west of The Black Forest, a beautiful woodland occupied by rivers and valleys. The region is well known for its stunning nature including the Rhine River, old castles and vineyards. The area is a flawless setting for hiking, canoeing and cycling. During the winter season ski-lifts surround the mountain Feldberg offering winter sports.

Loerrach itself has many attractions from its nightlife to ice-cream-saloons and restaurants of multicultural cuisine. During the weekend, many locals enjoy relaxing next to the river Wiese or enjoy the day in the Grütt-park, a local wildlife area.

Lively Town of Culture

Loerrach offers numerous cultural facilities: Burghof Loerrach, cultural center Nellie Nashorn, Jazzclub, town library, adult education center and the museum “Am Burghof”. The annual highlights are carnivals and the STIMMEN music festival.

The carnival in Loerrach is a celebration of sound and color. A lot of fun is guaranteed during the Migros-Gugge-Explosion (brass bands playing on numerous stages in the city), big parades for both children and adults, traditional carnival evenings and the famous mocking verses.

During the summer Loerrach hosts the biggest music event in the Upper Rhine region filling the area with open air concerts. The festival has previously featured international stars such as Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, Katie Melua, P!NK, Elton John and Lenny Krawitz. 

Made in Loerrach

Internationally well-known enterprises such as the chocolate Milka factory produce in Loerrach. The region is therefore very attractive for hard workers and aspiring business owners.  Loerrach is continuously welcoming people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds into its community. Open-mindedness is engrained into the local culture making the city welcoming to all. As well as this, many locals speak English and French in addition to other languages including the local language of German. 

High Quality Education

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University was the first higher education university to become established in Germany. A combination of hands on experience is combined with academic studies to produce high standing results. There are over 34,000 students enrolled here, studying across 2 campuses offering technical and economic study programs. Some of the programs are either entirely or partly taught in English.

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University provides the opportunity for students to participate in a range of sports including badminton, soccer, basketball and beach-volleyball, all free of charge. International students settle in swiftly thanks to the group ‘Connect’ who organize events and sightseeing tours.