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Prof. Dr. Jörg Thietke
Head of Department

fon: +49 7621 2071 336
fax: +49 7621 2071 139


Prof. Richard Kaiser

fon: +49 7621 2071 460
fax: +49 7621 2071 495

Department of Engineering

Our engineering students receive an education which offers fundamental academic and practical expertise knowledge, as well as a sense of responsibility and team-work capability.

Technical problems are analysed and solved in an interdisciplinary context, always taking economic and ecologic aspects into account as well.

The student gains in-depth academic knowledge and is at the same time capable of carrying responsibility at a very early stage in his professional career.

This advanced study emphasises natural science as well as micro electronics and computer science - disciplines that are decisive for the technical future. In addition, the students are trained in the use of management skills and communication techniques.