Study content

The tri-national program of studies in International Business Management conveys the foundations of professional competence in the areas of business management and economics. Theoretical studies reflect the latest academic research and are practice-oriented. They cover national differences in socio-economic contexts and cultural background. Students develop significant professional and methodical skills in the areas of marketing, understanding international cultures, communication and languages.

Focus on

  • General Management
    Introduction to General Management, Financial Accounting, International Management, Management Accounting, Organization, Corporate Finance, Supply Chain Management, Leadership, Service Management, Strategic Management, International Taxation, Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
    Fundamentals of Marketing, Marketing Mix, Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Cross Cultural Management
    Fundamentals of Cross-Cultural Management, Communication, Intercultural Management Styles, Negotiation, Cross-Cultural Leadership, Conflict Management, Cross-Cultural Teams
  • Economics
    Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics
  • Law
    Business Law, Cases in European Law, Corporate Governance
  • Methods
    Statistics, Mathematics, Introduction to Research, Business Research Methods, Information and Communication Systems, Financial Mathematics, Information and Communication Systems
  • Languages
    English, French, German, and Spanish, Chinese, Japanese
  • Electives
    Presentation Techniques, Commercial Negotiations, Conferencing, Rhetoric, Business Games, Brand Management, International Business Plans, International Trade Law, Managing Across Boarders, International Business Behavior, Innovation Management, Corporate Communication, Cross-Cultural Marketing, Business Ethics